Monday, August 15, 2011

Codie Young

Codie Young
 Monday - we chatted with Codie Young online, she was lovely!

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?
A. my biggest inspiration well I have a couple my mum and dad have inspired me my whole life. I also am really inspired by lady gaga as she works so hard at what she does and doesn't care what others think.

Q. Who has been your favourite designer to work with so far? And whats your most recent purchase or item of choice !
A. my favourite designer to work with would probally be MARNI I just love the people there, there all super nices. I recently bought a skirt from city beach at kawana :)

Q. Has your wardrobe doubled in size? Do you get given your clothes? And what's your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
A. yes my wardrobe is massive now!!!!!!!!! because I am constantly buy new stuff everywhere I go. sometimes we get given clothes, but when we are given clothes it is normally as trade, which means we are being given clothes instead of money which I don't like I would much rather have the money and buy things that I want. I have a lot of favourites I have a couple long skirts that I love as well as this amazing vintage coat from paris that I love

Q. Codie - thank you so much for joining in today! We hope you all enjoyed this live chat.
A. hope everyone has a good day :)
Our last comment - you to!!! Good luck

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